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Challenges Experiencing rapid business growth, Merwin LTC Pharmacy's storage arrays were unable to scale affordably, becoming an impediment to the health of its business Solution Merwin transitioned to Western Digital's IntelliFlash ™ arrays to provide a storage infrastructure that could keep up with the pace of the company's growth without compromising on features and performance Results • Extremely easy-to-use arrays with minimal maintenance required • 30 percent data reduction rate • Extremely detailed insights into array performance • Easy data storage expansion Merwin Uses Western Digital to Help Provide World-Class Patient Care CASE STUDY Merwin LTC Pharmacy started as a family-owned business over 100 years ago. Beginning as a traditional corner drug and sundry store – a retail pharmacy with a restaurant inside of it; it eventually evolved into a business-to-business pharmacy focused on transitional and long-term care patients in the Midwest. Merwin works with hundreds of skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, assisted living centers and transitional care units to ensure a exceptional patient care experience. Merwin was recently acquired by CVS Pharmacy. The Challenge: Scaling with Business Growth – Affordably A key part of Merwin's business – and what sets it apart from its competitors – is its Automated Remote Dispensing Unit technology. Installed at over 30 facilities, these units automatically dispense prescription medications without an on-site pharmacist. "Think of it as like an ATM or Redbox, but for prescription medication," said Jason Artwohl, Director of Information Technology at Merwin. "When a prescription is approved, we can securely transmit the data instantly to the device. From there, the machine will dispense the exact amount of capsules, as well as package and label the medicine. We're the only shop in town that offers this level of automated dispensation." As one of the few business-to-business pharmaceutical companies that can offer this level of technology, having a fast, scalable storage is vital to the company's business model and infrastructure. Its two old arrays weren't cutting it. "Both were ridiculously expensive to expand. We needed to find storage infrastructure that could scale with the growth of our business at an affordable cost," said Artwohl. "We could have scaled if we wanted to, but the price was astronomical." The legacy arrays also only performed at a standard rate. "Our storage infrastructure performance is key to our business. The more efficient we can be in storing and accessing our SQL data, the better our off our customers will be," said Artwohl. "In some cases, we have a two-hour delivery process that we offer to our customers. We need prescriptions processed as fast as we can, so we can get out the door and take care of patients." On top of these issues, one of Merwin's arrays had a Java-based interface that was not easy to administer or upgrade. "We actually had to keep a Windows XP box around just to administer things. Considering that Windows XP is over 15 years old, the situation was clearly not ideal," said Artwohl. On top of that, the interface would not run on newer version of Java – meaning that to upgrade the array, it had to be taken offline. The Solution: Western Digital's IntelliFlash With its mission in hand, Merwin evaluated Western Digital along with four other vendors. The company chose Western Digital relatively early in the process for both its stand- Merwin Uses Western Digital to Help Provide World-Class Patient Care

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