A Flash Storage Technical & Economic Primer

Flash technology is rapidly evolving

Chances are the game has changed since you last checked. With every step forward, flash storage is becoming faster, more reliable, and less expensive. And there’s more than one kind of flash technology out there. Some flash focuses on performance, while others balance performance with capacity. Read this white paper for a technical breakdown of the latest in flash storage. Learn how flash has changed in the last few years, and how the economics have shifted. 

Learn how to:

  • Differentiate between single level (SLC), multi-level (MLC), and triple-level cell (TLC) flash media
  • Identify what architecture will get the most out of flash
  • Select the right type of flash storage for your needs
  • How data reduction technologies can help lower the cost of flash and improve performance
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Understanding the Economics of Flash Storage
Understanding the Economics of Flash Storage

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